What’s up with the name?

While carrying a taquito (buffalo chicken) and a slurpee out the doors of my local 7-11, I tripped and fell into a pothole, completely destroyed my ankle and landed sprawled out on the parking lot. The taquito was a goner but I managed to hang on to the slurpee while I contemplated tweeting from my new-found position. Which was completely unnoticed by not only the two store clerks, but my mother who was less than 5 feet away sitting in the car. Thus my desire to send ‘Dispatches from the 7-11’.

How exactly are you ‘disabled’?

That’s kind of a rude question and I encourage you to never ask it in person. I have a congenital issue and a whole collection of various things that fit into the umbrella of what some mental illnesses have been defined as.

What are your studying/career goals?

I am currently working on two separate degrees, one in honours philosophy and one in psychology. The aim is to apply for honours psychology in 2021. After the two undergraduate degrees, I will be off to grad school!

Where do you get the photos for your blog entries?

They’re photos of mine, usually edited in VSCO with a specific filter. The photos range from shots of my various living areas to forms I’ve encountered in doctor’s offices.